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How to learn Chinese language Easily Without Complication

Learning any language is usually an endless process, but in the case of the Chinese language, this infinity is even hard to understand. And every time when there is a need to reach a new level and expand their language boundaries, we begin to actively discuss what methods of learning the language are more effective.

The Complication of Chinese

The Chinese language is complicated by itself, but the complexity of its study is exacerbated by the use of inefficient techniques. Ten years ago it seemed that the main thing that determines the success of learning a foreign language is patience and work.

If you had the experience of learning a new foreign language with the help of a more effective technique, you will begin to have suspicions that the Chinese language could be learned more productively. After all, you will agree, however much sand on the beach, dig a hole will be faster excavator, rather than a children’s shovel for a sandbox.

The Methods

All the methods of studying the Chinese language, which every best Chinese language school teaches you were difficult to name effectively. You may want to believe that somewhere there are ready-made methods for studying the Chinese language, but, most likely, they exist in a “single copy”, that is, they are the results of many years of experience of individual teachers, not schools. In China, you can experience different approaches to teaching Chinese.

  • Of course, developing a methodology for studying a foreign language requires some professional training, but in the near future there will be significant changes in this area.
  • Generally do not use prehistoric textbooks to study. These textbooks have been republished for many years without revisions and have long ceased to be relevant. It is better to look for English versions of textbooks: they are more often reprinted and edited.
  • Do not learn Chinese without a purpose. This is too expensive and time-consuming hobby. You must clearly understand why you are doing this, and what level you want to achieve. It is pointless to teach vanyan if you plan to limit yourself to business correspondence. Yes, you will not have a rich chenyuyami language, but you can tell a thought to an opponent, and a rare Chinese in a business environment will decide to impress with the depth of knowledge of Chinese classics.

Some Works

Do not learn words out of context. It is difficult and useless. From the fact that you have porridge of hieroglyphics in your head, you will not speak Chinese. Words are needed in context and only in context.

Do not invent phrases and expressions

It is better to take ready. There are many clich├ęs, both in colloquial and written speech. They are understandable by ear, and your attempts to invent a bicycle in the form of alternative turns will lead to a legitimate question: Creativity, especially in colloquial speech, no one will appreciate: in Chinese there are too many homonyms to complicate the speech with unusual turns. A completely copied quote will not cause any accusations of plagiarism. It is taught in the school to change the structure of the sentence and replace words with synonyms in order to avoid tautology. In Chinese, there is no such problem.

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